To Conquer Depression, I…

Many people, especially close friends, ask me how I do it.

Battling with depression is no easy task, especially for those who find themselves running down a never-ending staircase or feel like they are locked in a room full of darkness.
Someone in my family said:

‘I do wonder if these is such a thing as ‘fully cured from depression’

I believe you can be cured from depression, even if it takes a huge amount of time, patience and effort. I believe changing states of the mind is as real as a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly.

The trouble is, these days huge amounts of people mistake normal sprouts of sadness for depression. If you feel you are miserable about a certain something, many of you hop to stating ‘I am so depressed about…’ – which is not necessarily the case for many situations.

My take on ‘depression‘ is thus; It is a mental state/condition whereby one feels a constant weight of despondency.

I was only able to wonder back into the daylight when I changed my daily routine.
Marco explained that my constant day to day routine was bound to be tedious and keep me in a miserable state.
That was when I took a look at my boring, unchanged schedule and realised my Marco was exactly right.

My advice to anyone feeling at a constant low would be to;

  1. Look at your daily routine
  2. Discard any tedious acts in your routine
  3. Discard negative people
  4. Add new simple goals to achieve daily
  5. Constantly change the activities in your day

Just remember; you have the willpower, you have the strength, you can change your life for the better.
Try this one tip, It definitely helped me gain confidence, a feeling of being refreshed and most importantly it gave my life a more positive mood.

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