I’m so terrible for this…

Instagram; mainlymommymishaps | jessicasierpowska

I apologise profusely to all you readers who contact me and expect more of my posts.

As another wonderful year draws to an end, Marco has been working to death and I have been putting plans in place for twenty-eighteen. With that being said, the only spare moments I have are just long enough to update my activities on instagram!

Yes, Marco and I have successfully decorated our tree and wrapped all our gifts to celebrate the merry tradition that is Christmas.
Like this post if you think Christmas wouldnt be the same without the presence of a tree!

So my house smells like pine, looks divine and obviously our holiday film marathon is well underway! Comment your favourite festive film bellow!

One tip; screaming baby? Put them face to face with christmas decor!
Arwen in totally in love with the dazzling lights, dangling baubles and delightful trimmings all over the house. My daughter is by far the best gift under the tree!

I could not be more grateful for the family I have, especially at a time where I am feeling very…hopeless? and just upset about my progress of my blog at the moment.
I keep asking myself; ‘Why are they interested in other people’s lives and not mine?’

But other than that I am ready to celebrate December and all the joys it brings along with it! Spirits are high and adoration is plentiful.

So yes, I am sorry for the lack of posting as I have had no time to edit videos or type an update; however stay tuned for a MASSIVE reveal, its definitely exciting and new.
I do speak occasionally so watch and follow my youtube channel.

I appear much more on my instagram story so tune in; jessica_sierpowska

Merry Christmas,
Happy New Year,
Keep Loving xo


Instagram; mainlymommymishaps | jessicasierpowska

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