What has happened to Arwen??

Who was once a tiny, silent newborn; she is now four months this Christmas Day!25675437_1870293203013067_92194709_n

As Arwen’s first Christmas approaches, her growth has progressed tremendously!
She gains comfort by staring at the festive decor, especially now as she is able to grab everything in sight (bad news for mamma’s long thin hair).

Guess what?? ARWEN HAS LEARNT TO SMILE AND LAUGH! Her joy is a huge breath of fresh air for all of us as we continue to make her giggle and grin so beautifully.
You can imagine how many pictures and videos clog up our cameras and mobile phones. 26030716_1870293259679728_394884425_n

Bring on the holiday tunes as Arwen can also stomp her feet, although she always seems to be enraged whilst doing it so it may be a sign of protest.

How old are your babies?

So meu linda menina is becoming more and more like Marco and I every day, every month…who knows what she’ll turn into when we adventure through the new year of 2018.  What are your major plans for the next year? 25674384_1870293173013070_922405658_n

Mine and Marco’s relationship is still journeying on, stronger than ever.
We still face hard times as Arwen is teething and being vaccinated so it will be a painful few months for a while. Don’t you just hate seeing your baby go through a horrific ordeal? 😦

Checklist for Christmas Completed; 25674465_1870293239679730_1058924845_n

  • Decorations placed
  • Christmas Pine Tree put up
  • Gifts wrapped
  • Food stocked for a lifetime
  • Movie Marathon on the go
  • …what else?

Merry Christmas,
Happy New Year’

All Our Love,
Marco, Jessica & Arwen
Viveiros de Sousa



Instagram; mainlymommymishaps | jessicasierpowska

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