When dreams become reality…

Instead of being situated in a pub, she lived in a divine beach house.
Almost completely made of glass, her home had a luxurious swimming pool and the whole building had a genuine glow(?) to its exterior.

For some bizarre reason, I found myself to be present in the second floor of this lady’s home. Due to the haziness of dreams and the lack of imagery it leaves behind, my memory of why and how I was there was nowhere to be seen.
I do not remember what I was doing there, my general recognition of the vision begins with me walking down a long set of stairs to be accompanied by a huge fireplace surrounded by white heavy-looking sofas and chairs.

The interior of the house was warm as if winter was upon us; fire roaring, decor – especially the carpet – all shaded with autumn-like colours, blankets consuming the back of the couches.
And in the middle of it all, she was there. One would say an old best friend or a sad memory, but for me – in and out of this pleasant dream – she was/is a beautiful blessing, one which I never thought of receiving on the eve of Christmas.

I haven’t seen or heard from this woman in years and yet I still found myself in loss of great company and a great friend. I was saddened by her absence the moment I woke this morning.

What did I learn in those few moments of pure fantasy? 

I received the most wonderful festive gift last night; a gift of love, of happiness and most importantly a gift of lesson.
As another year draws to a close I must cherish, with great gratitude, the friends and family I have today. And as past problems can still haunt us, we must make bridges with those who give our lives joy and meaning.

Christmas isn’t about the giving or receiving; for me its about the transition from bad deeds to good with the influence of the festive spirits and joyous atmosphere to guide us.
And although presents are a luxury many of us are given, I stress we must cherish the eternal gifts we are already in possession of.

I do hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a refreshing New Year
Love one another and give thanks to those who make your heart full,
We are blessed with this traditional time of year to reconcile and start again in our paths

All our Love,
Marco, Jessica & Arwen
Viveiros de Sousa

Instagram; mainlymommymishaps | jessicasierpowska

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