My first Christmas with my first newborn!


Okay she’s not technically a newborn anymore.

This Christmas Day Arwen turned four months and in my last post I shared all of her brilliant progress. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect couple of days!

Aside from the fact I had to hold Arwen whilst Marco was eating (and vice-versa), aka eating in turns ha, I didn’t find any difficulty juggling all the festive responsibilities as well as my daughter’s needs.

26197689_1875809025794818_199522239_nWhat on earth do you get a baby for Christmas?
Marco did a huge bunch of shopping and bought Arwen lots of beautiful outfits to wear in the next months of her life.
Unfortunately mommy had to open her gifts as baby puts anything she can grab into her mouth (teething problems you see).

‘Stay upstairs!’ was a reoccurring order to Marco as he had to avoid seeing presents being wrapped; and because I can’t do everything at once, Arwen was with him.

So just by these couple of points you can already know how back and forth things can be with a newborn around these sorts of times.
It can be sad having to get rid of your children (who love to cling to you) to complete other duties but it can also be very relieving to take a small break once in a while.


My Advice to Mothers and Fathers;
Within reason, do what makes yourself feel more comfortable.

There should be no guilt when feeling you need a bit of a break. Being a parent means huge responsibilities and dedicating your life to another person, so having some time to yourself (so you don’t go insane) is completely normal and absolutely deserving.


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