Mom Life – Behind the adorable photos

So here I am, lying in bed.
Half paying attention to Ant Man on Netflix.
Shirt pulled up to my neck, my never-ending cleavage making an appearance and my nipples popping out of my forever aggravating maternity bra.

This is motherhood.

My position is thus; the top half of my spine is flat against the bed, one leg lays on top of the other – both knees bent as if I’m sleeping on my side.
Arwen is tucked up in the bend of my left arm all cosy and dead asleep. My head is placed crookedly against two thick pillows.

This is motherhood.

Just like a procrastinating student I have loads of things to get done but I make excuses.
Being a parent is a whole load of work on its own, even if for now it’s just breastfeeding and changing those poopy donations; so I’m allowed to lay here and do nothing but eat and nap.

This is Motherhood

My body is slowly dying.
My eyes droop from fatigue but cuddling my blessing of a daughter keeps me alert.
Breasts are brutally sore from the gallons of milk storage which is never at a shortage.
My back is in agony from the twisted position us mothers get into when trying to do things at the same time as keeping our little babies asleep.

And don’t get me started on how close to bursting my bladder is. Marco isn’t back yet to take over the protecting of our Arwen so I guess I’ll have to hold it a little longer…

…and a little longer…
…and a little longer…


This is Motherhood, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Fellow Mothers, Fathers and Your Children;

You are wonderful and although we do not worship you as much as we should, we want you to know that we are eternally grateful –
For the lessons
For the Guidance
For your unconditional love
You deserve the world.

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