Purple Cry? More like purple LIE.

‘You’ve checked the nappy, fed your baby, she’s well rested, temperature is ok. Babies sometimes just need to cry’

I suggest you do not listen to this advice. I believe all babies cry for a reason, they cry at any large or tiny discomfort. I feel that letting your baby ‘cry themselves out’ can really make a baby feel more lonely and solitary.

I only realised how lonely a baby can get when I went abroad to Madeira with my husband. Not knowing anything his family were saying and talking about made me scared, lonely and aware that children who can’t speak feel the same.

We cannot fully understand our sons and daughters and they definitely don’t understand what we jabber on about when they are lying on their backs, unable to walk or talk.

So please cuddle your children every moment you get, because there is nothing worse than thinking and feeling your baby is lonely or at a loss of love and adoration.

When my Arwen cries, I cry inside with her but I make sure I lift her spirits every second!

Instagram; mainlymommymishaps | jessicasierpowska

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