If you want clear skin, stop loading your face with s***.

To put it bluntly; you need to stop smothering your face with crap.

I get a lot of questions daily asking how my skin looks so clear and smooth and the answer is; I don’t use anything on my skin.

If I get a few spots, who cares? Putting creamy or greasy products on my face isn’t going to magic away the natural process of skin and it’s growth.

So many people complain about their decaying skin yet cover it with make-up and other cosmetics. STOP! You are not improving your look and your healthy skin is deteriorating!

Here is my routine if you want to try it;

  • Use no products on your skin (apart from maybe Aveeno moisturiser if your skin is very dry after washing).
  • Don’t shower or bath every day! Give your body time to breathe. I bathe once every week and have 1 or 2 showers in between that.
  • Again – USE NO MAKE UP/ COSMETICS/ ANYTHING ON YOUR SKIN. There is nothing in the world which magically alters the process of growing skin.

Stop damaging your skin and the complaining about it. Try my routine.

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One thought on “If you want clear skin, stop loading your face with s***.

  1. hummingbirdpages says:

    I get asked the same question a lot about my skin. I have very fair, pretty clear skin, especially on my face. But for a long time, no one saw it because I hid it away. I had chicken pox when I was 20. Barely an adult and still full of teenage insecurities (that I think everyone still has, no matter their age!) I had all these red ugly scars on my face (and scars on my body from years of self harm) and I then covered my face in makeup every day. Never went into public without even just foundation.

    It took many years, but now I don’t use concealers or foundations (except for weddings and such) and have discovered how much fun makeup can be! It used to be a tool I used to hide away. But now it’s a tool I use to express myself in another way! And the ‘secret’ to my clear skin is simple: drink lots of water, and love the skin you are in. Scars, lumps, bumps, spots and all. ❤️

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