I vote for nudity!

So my NEXT catalogues arrived in the mail.

Anyone who knows me will confirm that I don’t give two hoots about the latest fashion and I certainly don’t spend more than 2 minutes picking an outfit from the wardrobe.

However, I have an account with most UK retail stores because storing your information is way easier than repeatedly typing it in.

So that’s how I came to have NEXT catalogues sent to me.

It sounds strange, but looking through outfit after outfit and flipping the pages like a goddess made me feel more like a woman…

…until I struggled, mentally, to pick any sort of piece, fabric, style that corresponded with my magnificent body.

How am I supposed to pick a floral blouse or a pair of cigarette jeans out for myself when the women modelling those very items are a size whereby anything looks great on them?

I flipped to the contents and the index in hope to find a ‘plus size’ section of the books…Even though I am not a plus size!

Where are the models, like me, with flesh on their bones? With SEX written across their meaty thighs and fabulous breasts?

I propose we all strip, we stop caring about trends which put labels on society and gives us a chance to mock. Being naked will certainly be a change from wearing sweats 24/7!


Instagram; mainlymommymishaps | jessicasierpowska

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