My 10 Addictions!

Trust me when I admit that some things listened below completely rule my obsessive mind.

  1. Phantom of the Opera – ADDICTED!
  2. DISNEY DISNEY DISNEY! – Like PHANTOM, I know every scene, every word, every lyric.
  3. ‘After-Eight’ chocolate – Throwing up doesn’t mean I stop eating
  4. Imperial Leather soap – smelling good is a must!
  5. Coca-Cola Zero – On tap, makes a change from water
  6. Sylvanian Families – My wallet is dry
  7. Friends – The Tv show not people.
  8. 1950’s Fashion – Search for Grace Kelly
  9. BLACK AND WHITE CLASSICS! – Alfred Hitchcock, Laurel and Hardy & Norman Wisdom.
  10. Arwen Maria, my Daughter – my Greatest Addiction

Instagram; mainlymommymishaps | jessicasierpowska

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