Arwen Problems!



Forget about whiskers, fur and long tails – Arwen is developing subtle traits of a familiar fury friend:

1. She calls for attention all the time; normal for a baby right? Until she starts crying immediately after for wanting to be put down again – which brings me to the next point!

2.Squirming! When you hold Arwen she wriggles like crazy as if no position is comfortable – like an adult trying to sleep at night.

3.Scratching! Ok so I am avoiding cutting her nails because tools are sharp and Arwen is tiny, too tiny to be doing risky procedures on! (and point 2.). So you must watch out! Long nails are about! And my arms, breasts and face are a war zone!

4. Ok so this isn’t really one but – Everything goes in the mouth. Cats put everything in their mouths due to carnivorous genes and prey and stuff. Arwen, well, she’s just teething.

7 months and counting! And despite these traits progressing, I grow more in love with Arwen every second. (Meooowwww).

Instagram; mainlymommymishaps | jessicasierpowska

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