Good Friday

If you are not one with God, still pay respect and give love on this day which can be woeful for others.

On this day Christ gave his life for us, he was tortured and crucified for our sins in the eyes of God.

On this day Christ was laughed at and mocked for the stories he told and the beliefs he shared.

On this day we remember the pain one person gave to spare thousands, we spread love and joy where Jesus cannot.

On this day we must learn from the past; listen, love and support.

The days to follow are the celebrations of Jesus and the resurrection of the Lord. Be kind, be joyful, sing a hymn and say a prayer.

I do not support the church, but I believe in things that give people happiness, faith and love and that in itself makes a lot of things real for millions of people.

May this be a Good Friday for all of you!

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