Hello April!

We are journeying into another month and I am still;

⁃ Eating rubbish

⁃ Binge watching Netflix

⁃ Refusing to go anywhere beyond my forest gardens

⁃ Making impossible plans for the future

It’s already April and that scares me.

We have already endured three months even though New Year celebrations where 3 days ago!

I think I speak for everyone when I say;

Fast forward all the work and please press slow motion on all the play!

I am pretty sure I have insomnia…or is feeling this way an obligation for every parent out there?

As spring blesses us with its presence I feel like drinking a classy glass of wine and being dainty with a posh cigarette holder.

But fortunately I do not like wine and I quit smoking before my pregnancy.

So, I shall sip my elegant glass of ‘Coke on Ice ‘ and suck on a few squares of After Eight chocolate.

– sounds magical right??

Arwen is growing incredibly well. She is a beautiful, joyous and loving little lady who brightens every second of my days.

Battling teething and eating solids now – Time, where have you gone? Stop running away please.

God Bless all who read xo

Instagram; mainlymommymishaps | jessicasierpowska

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