Take a Look at our Garden!

This is our humongous garden.

Where fairies play and flowers dance and wonderful creatures blossom.

This is our HOME.

Here lie our memories and routes, this very ground is where our happiness and new beginnings grow!🍐

Bless our family home🍏

Marco, Arwen and I live in the countryside where most houses are placed on hills. Our garden is one big slope of mess so we can never really have luxury items on it (swings, trampolines, swimming pools etc.).

But the green is welcoming, there are plenty of trees to climb and for one little baby it is a huge surface to discover and explore!

We are sad that there is more mud and dirt than there is grass, this is due to the trees blocking the sunlight so nothing can really grow! But we care too lazy to pull the trees down, besides those tall friends are what makes our garden private and ours!

But when we do find patches of sun, the view is nothing but magical, beautiful, perfect.

Hello Spring.

Goodbye Winter, we will meet again I promise.


Instagram; mainlymommymishaps | jessicasierpowska

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