Parenting I don’t like.

Whilst I was putting the whites in the machine this morning –

(mummies and daddies, you of all people will know what that means) –

I was thinking only crazy people wash their darks, colours and whites all together!

THEN I continued to ponder on other parenting situations I would never ever be a part of.

So here it is!

Parenting practises, techniques and situations I do not agree with;

1. Washing all colours together in the washing machine – are you kidding? Don’t trust tablets or patches or the maturity of your clothing, colours always run. I mixed them once years ago and I tell you NEVER AGAIN! My clothes looked dull and of course original colours were blended and smeared. Just don’t mix ok?

2. Leaving your baby to cry – When Arwen wakes up I make sure I’m the first person she sees so she doesn’t feel alone, so she feels she has woken up in a happy loving environment. I rock her to sleep every nap time, every bed time. I think it’s wrong to put your child down and leave them to cry until they fall (fall back) to sleep.

Your baby cries/screams/yells for a reason. And I believe; ignoring those feelings sends children into distress. Screaming for attention? Who cares, your child kicked you for months in your womb, love them!

The worst I’ve seen is parents shouting at their children because they are crying about a magazine they were refused or a toy they were not allowed.

Obviously you should spoil your children within reason but don’t yell at them for wanting things. They share their desires, they share their feelings – love and admire that and give them ultimatums instead of the word NO. – Huge subject which I’ll cover in another post (feel free to comment your opinions).

3. Not Dressing your children appropriately – England gives us a nasty few months from October to February (biting winter months), I saw children without hats, toddlers without socks and gloves. I walked past two women who were walking bundled up in jumpers, coats and scarfs, one of the ladies had a very young baby (looked almost newborn) who was in a carrier with just a sleepsuit and socks on! My motherly instincts wanted to scream and cry! IT WAS FREEZING COLD AND THE BABY WAS ALMOST BARE WHILST THE MOTHER WAS BUNDLED UP! I can’t say anymore just please be responsible.

4. Naughty Steps and Time outs – I may be wrong be an opinion is an opinion right? I don’t agree with these. I believe a child doesn’t understand the concept and the reasoning behind this punishment. I believe for a child, these situations are neglectful and lonely and confusing. Talk to your child, don’t make them afraid with a spot destined to be bad forever.

5. Cursing – I was criticised on one of ladbible’s posts for expressing my concerns about a father encouraging his baby to swear angrily and continuously. Why? Why use strongly negative words around your children so they learn to have hatred and bitterness? Do not encourage our future doctors, lawyers, scientists etc to have bad traits, bring them up to be better – generation by generation.

I won’t list and complain anymore for now; but do you agree or disagree with these points?

Leave a comment or message me what you think!

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2 thoughts on “Parenting I don’t like.

  1. Deb / Being Aunt Debbie says:

    I agree with #2 especially! Babies cry because they have no other way to express themselves. As parents, it’s our job to make them feel safe and loved. Acknowledging their feelings (crying) teaches them that their feelings are important. So many people think that they’re going to spoil the baby if they give it attention every time it cries… Some think they’re “crying for no reason.” There’s a reason but it just may be as simple as seeing mom’s face! Great post!

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