Parenting? Or Medical Condition?

Read carefully, comment what you think.

Long story short – I don’t sleep well anymore.

You can imagine everyone is blaming it on motherhood and stress of looking after baby Arwen constantly, being alert is taking a toll on my body – blah blah blah

I admit, the responsibility of my daughter was exhausting when she was new, but as time has progressed and confidence has grown we are better than ever.

There are routines in place, each day is new and healthy and happy.

Arwen sleeps through the whole night, she has several naps during the day and she eats very well.

So I’m going to get really angry if someone else blames my lack of sleep on my perfect gift of a daughter one more time!

So help me?

I can’t sleep at night. That feeling of lying there waiting to drop off makes me feel anxious and sick. I don’t sleep until I am so tired that I just pass out when I lay my head down, which means I stay awake for nearly 2 days at a time.

If I do take the time to get to bed at a reasonable time to make sure I’m well rested, I wake up in the middle of the night anyway?!

It’s not like I can take sleeping pills because of breastfeeding and the terrifying idea of not waking up if Arwen calls or cries!

I do plenty of activities in the day.

I try to limit electronics and screens before bed.

I try to read.

I try to drink plenty of water.

I eat well and I’m completely comfortable 24/7.

What am I missing??!

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9 thoughts on “Parenting? Or Medical Condition?

  1. Didis Art Design says:

    Dear friend,

    Maybe you can try with some milder natural products such as plant
    extracts as St. John’s wort which you may get from the pharmacy in form of dragees or a few drops of valerian. You can use both variants as tea. Give also your stomach a good pause, means 3 hours before sleeping no more eating, just some calming tea. What can also be useful: make a walk in the evening time and breathe more deeply into your lungs so to fill them with more oxygen. Try to give yourself more rest in your mind (when mind is busy all the time, it gets overtired.

    I hope it will help you and that you soon will be back to a normal healthy sleep.
    All good wishes

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  2. Deb / Being Aunt Debbie says:

    I don’t know if this will help but it helped me. I don’t sleep well AT ALL. My therapist said that our sleep patterns change several times in our lifetimes. She suggested that I STOP thinking about the “norm” or what we think is the “norm” and sleep when I’m tired, not necessarily when everyone else is sleeping. I know that may be difficult with a little one in the house, but once I told myself I don’t have to go to bed just because everyone is sleeping, it helped. I am up later than everyone else but when I go to bed, I fall asleep faster. I think my body is adjusting now. I take a nap during the day when I’m sleepy and that helps me to function on the very few hours I get at night. Of course, I have chronic pain issues and I’m old. Lol. You’re much younger than I am. Maybe it’s just a matter of your body adjusting to a new sleep pattern…. I hope you find what works for you! ❤

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  3. mrsmotherdirt says:

    In my mid twenties (around 26) I did not sleep more than a few hours a day/night for an entire summer – probably 4 months or so. I would feel tired all day and sometimes fall asleep at bedtime but I would be wide awake a few hours later. This was consistent every day for months. It was actually pretty miserable. It coincided with the spring ahead time change. My body had to figure out its rhythm again. If you feel like it’s a danger to the care of your daughter I would see your doctor otherwise it may be hormones, circadian rhythm… I hope you can relax. Self care can be hard.


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