I am still Learning!

I feel like the worst mother in the world right now, but I mustn’t! Parenting is a HUGE learning curve and i shouldn’t blame myself for not knowing everything!

4-5 months old, still new to the world, I started to let Arwen familiarise herself with small tastes, smells and textures of different foods (mostly purées as I was naturally scared of her chocking – so you can guess I didn’t go with BABY LED WEENING).

This meant by 6 months onward she was terrific at eating meals morning and night with breastfeeding still being the most important intake.

Arwen is now 8 months. She was breastfed as soon as she woke up in the morning, had 100g of a cow&gate jar for breakfast and then constant breastmilk until another 100g of food for dinner.

However, today she had her usual routine and I decided to take a gamble and give her extra food. On top of her regular meals I have her 200g of cow&gate desert…


I haven’t been feeding her nowhere near as much as she wants/needs to eat!

I feel cr*p thinking I’ve been starving her!

Me! Her own mother!

So today I definitely learnt how much Arwen can intake and the food she needs day by day.

Do your children have similarities to Arwen?

Do you think I am doing well?

Drop opinions below or in any of my inboxes!

Lots of love xo

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5 thoughts on “I am still Learning!

  1. Deb / Being Aunt Debbie says:

    First kid is the hardest. We just don’t know things with the first kid! I agree with MotherofAngels3 in that we should let the child teach us what they need. That could be tricky with food sometimes, or with some kids I should say…because I have known several babies or toddlers over the years who will eat until they puke. So, do what feels right and let her lead you. I think you’re doing fine! She looks happy and healthy! ❤

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