So not having a period for 18months is total bliss until…IT RETURNS!

What a shock I got today, the weather was scorching and beautiful so I thought my nether regions were just sweaty…happens to all women!

Nope – period. Hello. I don’t want you yet, I don’t want you ever, I DONT WANT YOU! I read somewhere you wouldn’t come back until I stopped breastfeeding and yet here you are.

Any other mamma’s totally get the shock? It’s like the whole menstrual cycle knowledge just left my brain! I completely forgot it was a part of a woman’s life! Having a baby does that to you.

Anyway; a little update! Arwen 8.5months and her four teeth are through – yikes the biting HURTS. My daughter is doing absolutely brilliantly.

Enjoy the weather everyone! Marco, Arwen and I definitely are xo

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