We have been blessed with gorgeous weather here in the United Kingdom – 21-22o!

The divine smells of bonfires, bbqs and freshly cut grass have been drifting into our windows. The distant noises of lawnmowers and garden parties are somewhat pleasant and the warmth of the sun makes our hearts happy.

I do not enjoy heat, so I very much adored spending time indoors with Arwen Maria as the breeze came through the patio doors.

My husband Marco lovingly cleared and decorated our fabulous forest of a garden for an event we happen to be hosting later on this week. Chopping wood and creating a huge fire for all those unwanted greens and weeds – which is why Arwen and I were indoors, I was afraid of my 8 month daughter inhaling any smoke.

And to end the day perfectly, we met the Prince! He was shy and sweet at first, but had no trouble trying to get about!

Marco found him, somewhere amongst our wonderful wilderness. There was no mistake, it was a Prince in search for the kiss of a noble maiden!

Perhaps I have made a mistake, but I would have known if it was Jeremy Fisher coming for tea…

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