Today Arwen sat up in her swing-seat, total surprise as she usually just lays there with her toys. Arwen fell forward and smacked her face and head on the floor.

Screaming!! Blood!! Panic!!

I raced to A&E (Thankfully a 5 minute walk from our home) and they fixed us all up.

So here is what I learnt today!


First of all – Cuddle your baby!

Hug, breathe, bring your baby and yourself into a calm state. There is no point trying to assess the incident when you’re both screaming and panicking.

Next – check all canals for blood, puss or any liquid oozing out.

The nose, mouth and ears need to be checked for signs of serious trauma. Pay close attention to the mouth if your baby has teeth or are growing teeth as they could have been seriously bitten.

Now – clean your baby.

Don’t panic if you do find liquid in the nose, mouth or ears. Use warm water and soft tissue to clean the messy areas (if your baby doesnt like cold wet wipes), this way the skin is more clear to spot any cuts, grazes and other wounds.

Lastly – Let your baby play!

Before or during your call to a relative, hospital or other; give your baby something they like. This is the best way to determine their physical and mental response. Observe as they grab, look, touch and maybe even chew on an object you give them –

Is it the usual way they respond?

Do they seem confused or disoriented?

Go to the hospital after these steps. It is important you get the advice and support from the doctor even if there is no major injury.

JUST REMEMBER: It is completely normal for your baby to seem miserable, tired and lacking in interest to most things. They’ve just hit their head and that’s a big trauma for a person so tiny. Your baby can have nausea as well so don’t stress to much if they don’t want to eat anything, but make sure they drink plenty of fluids.

I really hope this is helpful to parents out there. Today my daughter fell and bled from her nose. I wasn’t prepared, I had no idea what to do or how to manage the situation. Luckily I had Marco on the phone ASAP.

My experience could save and help others.

Still smiling brighter than the sun! What a strong little daughter I have!

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