The Loneliness of Young Pregnancy!

When the positive lines settle in and the happiness gently increases, we women (and men) also feel a little scared.

In a generation where our friends and family are still partying, attending university and exploring the world, becoming ‘pregnant’ is something us young ladies try to avoid.

Nobody really understands.

We try not to slap those people who say: ‘I totally get it, I have a baby sister/brother/dog’ … just shut up.

We also try not to punch those people who say: ‘Are you sure? You’re still young! You have your whole life ahead!’ …not really the support we’re going for guys.

Before you know it, we’ve deleted and blocked everyone we know on Facebook, Instagram, text. We hide ourselves away for a while to avoid explaining why, when and how.

The truth? Well firstly we don’t want those people who gossip nastily to have a say in our business.

Secondly, we aren’t ready to admit the truth just yet. Yes, we are giving up a lot of our adulthood lives to explore a bigger chapter and yes we will miss out on a lot – just wait for me to realise that on my own instead of negativity stating it behind my back or to my face.

Thirdly- hormones, fatigue, sickness and not giving a crap about anyone else for the first 3months.

On the other hand we couldn’t be more indebted to those loved ones who have stuck by us every step of the way. From the ‘oh shit my period is late’ to ‘Jesus Christ get this kid out of me’.

You guys prove your worth every single minute and we will repay you! You are invaluable!

It’s nearly a year since I broke contact with nearly everyone I used to know and I am only now just beginning to socialise again!

(Don’t be shy, chat to me and get to know me like you did once upon a time).

So young pregnancy hits us like a bombshell – always support, love and stick together because the world is always a terrifying place and we need people by our sides to help journey on!

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