The Passive Aggressive Post-it!

Every person has their own way of doing things, and when these ‘ways’ aren’t respected we tend to go a little mad.

Well my family goes CRAZY!

This isn’t your typical ‘don’t eat someone else’s food in the fridge at work’ situation. And it definitely isn’t one of those ‘always take your shoes off before stepping on the newly cleaned floor’ warning either.

My family and I (especially I!) shout and scream when something goes wrong. Not because we’re out of control but because we are sick of telling each other the same thing 100000 times a day!


My dad has starting labelling every problem with post-its. No confrontation, just silent annoying written pieces of paper. No fear when it comes to just putting the paper in the bin – he just writes another one!

…and now I’m doing the same;

Ok…I might be the bossiest, but I am the one who cleans up and looks after everyone else!


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