Do I scratch the itch?!

Ok. Arwen is nearly off the breastmilk and the celebrations for her first birthday are being thoroughly planned.

Not only that, she’s quite the independent little lady; eating finger foods at a fast rate and pulling herself up onto her strong legs.

I was flicking through Arwens baby photos, unbelievably taken almost 10months ago, and it was quite a shock to realise she isn’t tiny anymore! No longer feeling like a piece of paper and already looking so intelligent as she grows into a wonderful little girl, I must wonder…

Is it time to brew another in the pot? Bake another cake? Give in to those broody emotions which ache the front of my brain.

CONS; I’m not desperate to have another baby. When I look at Arwen I feel like I could never love another as much as I love her. Already a mummy’s girl, Arwen and I are continuing our connections and growing an unbreakable bond as I bring her up in this big beautiful world.

I love the idea of a family of three, it’s financially benefiting and more flexible. This way Arwen can have anything and everything she wants, it’s easier to put all your money into one…isn’t it? I mean id rather save save save before having another child but that would create i bigger age gap between siblings which is not what I want.

PROS; On the other hand, a family of 4 sounds equally nice and Arwen would have someone to be with and learn the lessons of sharing and caring for other people. Imogen (my sister) and I are two years apart and we are usually the best of friends – we tell each other everything and we do everything together.

I look adorable pregnant (valid reason right?) and the thought of having two children to love is overly satisfying. Our next baby could be completely different and give us a whole new experience! The idea of another person always seems less lonely.

So what should I do? It’s the ultimate parent puzzle; to conceive or not to conceive, that is the question!

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