A Mother in Summer

It’s HOT HOT HOT here in England, reaching around 28-30 degrees and everyone is loving it – except for me!

Motherhood is a completely different experience when being in the heat and I for one DO NOT do well with sun.

And if this time of year hasn’t given you the good ol’ memories of your mother whipping out the rolled up newspaper to swing and miss flies with then you weren’t brought up right.

So what’s so bad about a mum in the sun?

Ever get stretch marks? Yeah, burns and itches with immense pain during this hot time. Oh and shut up about your boob sweat, us mothers have a mixture of cheesy milk build up which – mixed with sweat – is WAY WORSE!

Incredibly lucky lady over here as Arwen loves me putting sun scream on her! But I’ve seen other babies and children screaming with impatience as their parents prepare them for the sun – good luck with that. There’s one problem I in particular don’t have to suffer with.

All parents suffer when chasing after their children playing in the sun. For me it’s a little harder. Arwen hates the pram and she cant walk yet so it’s all up to my bulging (beggarly) biceps to carry her anywhere and everywhere. Just splash a dozen buckets of water on me and pump me full of energy and I’m off!…almost.

What are your summer parent problems?

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