So by the title we definitely know by the ‘one’ that there is something and by the ‘little’, it’s a little something.


I have hinted and teased in my instagram story about a new addition to our family and to answer some of your questions; no it is not a puppy.

I was broken hearted that we were unable to adopt a Labrador (it’s always been Marco’s dream to have one hence why I desperately wanted to get one for him) but the shelters were reluctant to give a puppy away to a family with a one year old – which is totally understandable! (Bastards!)

And the puppies people were breeding and selling were just too out of pocket, I mean I spoil Arwen to bits so I couldn’t possibly afford £800-£900 for a Labrador. In my pathetic attempts I did message the sellers anyway and put across that I am hoping to adopt any that aren’t sold but… they were having none of it!

For a while we talked about birds and other little pets as our Brazilian family own a lot of exotic birds in Brazil but nothing quite excited us…

Until we were asked to house sit for some wonderful friends. They had 5 of these creatures and Arwen was giggling and laughing and playing the happiest she’s ever been (what a great way to recover after immunisations right??). Just look at her face;

SO! We headed off, thought a lot and we bought two of our very own…


Everybody meet the new – not one but TWO – additions to our family – Munky and Maggie!

They are very much loved by everyone already (including our dog Nikita) and they are settling in perfectly!

Munky is definitely the more playful one as he likes to explore and be nosy however Maggie is a little shy and loves to cuddle a lot!

Arwen is in AWH with the kittens however she does GRAB from time to time, we have patience as she is learning brilliantly – she has indeed learnt to stroke and poke softly! (We are still waiting to take pictures of Arwen, Maggie and Munky together and when we do they are being posted straight to Instagram for you to obsess silently behind your screen).

I do apologise for the misleading photo on my Instagram story; it is just a rolled up Whiskas pouch! –

PREGNANCY UPDATE; Wow! To the masses of people who snuck into my messages to ask if I was pregnant, no I apologise am I not BUT don’t be disappointed as Marco and I are really eager to have another…so amongst the discussions we are trying!

We have A LOT of people who want to come and visit the kittens and see how big and intelligent Arwen is getting, So if you are one of those people give Marco or I a message and hop right over!

All our Love;

Marco, Jessica, Arwen, Munky and Maggie Viveiros de Sousa x

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