New Season = New Things

Oh winter, I have not missed you at all. You may bring the delights of the year around but I hate the way my body aches with the cold.

Marco, Arwen and I have been bundling ourselves up to carry on our fresh air regime and park shenanigans, only to cut our journeys short because of purple hands and noses.

Our house is no better than the outside; when it comes to summer our home is a blessing as it is naturally airy as if you’re opening the fridge door. But in winter it’s a curse and not everyone can afford to keep the heating going on ALL day and ALL night.


The changing of the season has certainly not kept Arwen at bay! She is off the cow&gate jars for good and eating everything solid, anything that comes out of the fridge or the sweet drawer. Not only is Arwen babbling and finding her voice more, she is saying words!! Proper English words!! (Sorry it’s not Portuguese Marco😭)

Arwen gets excited about a number of things and shouts the words ‘Daddy’, ‘Cheese’, ‘Kitty’, ‘Stick’ And sometimes ‘mummy’. And she has learnt how to cuddle and kiss! We give her anything from smiley pictures to stuffed animals and she swings them from side to side and smooches them all over! 😁

BUT THATS NOT ALL! Watch below!


These videos were taken around 22-25th of October 2018 and since then she has gained the confidence to walk from room to room by herself!

It is a blessing not only for Arwen to build her confidence and curiosity, but for me too. As Arwen let’s go of my hand by choice, her separation anxiety is dying down bit by bit. I can finally start to build relationships again with friends and have the courage to leave her to her own entertainment.

I am so proud of Arwen and how great she is progressing and never do I want to let her go, but I can’t help feeling happiness for myself as I can enjoy that freedom of my daughter not being attached to me every second…it’s really hard work!

I really hope you enjoy the videos as I keep smiling every day hungry for more moments like these!

Love Jessica x

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