Remembering who I am

Parents do NOT have social lives and even if they did it would be in the company of their own home so they can play with their children whilst the invited guests sit on the sofa being awkward as hell.

Ever since Arwen was born I have been riddled with guilt due to the fact I have unintentionally avoided so many people.

Due to motherhood being a full time job I am not able to just walk out the door and do as I please and that is OK!

But many people don’t understand this.

Believe it or not, I have had nasty comments and people blocking me just because I cancelled multiple dates due to me being (hello?) a Mother. I may have grown Arwen but that doesn’t mean I can magically make her stop feeling miserable one day or kiss her illness’ away.

My strong, independent and very good friend Leilani reminded me that I AM A PARENT.

I have grown a human and brought her into the world. I shouldn’t apologise for getting angry so quickly or reacting to things that upset me – depression and sleep deprivation comes with the job!

I am doing the best thing with my life and Arwen comes first before everything.

I’m trying once again to reconnect with people but there are those who just make you feel so worthless and so guilty, do message me if I haven’t spoken to you!

For those who have taken the time to see me and speak to me, you are so valuable and true, lots of love to you all!

Jessica xo

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