Bouncing Back

As many of you know, my performing days were an absence when I left college and fell pregnant with my daughter.

It’s a real shock, not just physically but emotionally; When you’re doing something you love every single day for years and then you suddenly stop. It tears you apart, especially when it’s all you know.

The abrupt halt of my performing made me feel incredibly lost as I have never pursued anything else in such depth and passion. Dancing, singing and acting is the only thing I connected with in my life before Arwen and Marco.

So this weekend, when I took that step into the world again, I cried.

The smell, the touch and the feeling of my new ballet shoes sent my heart racing and my soul flying. I greeted this feeling like an old friend and promised myself to never stop again.

Yes, I am finally bouncing back and taking ballet classes to complete where I left off.

I won’t share much more as I will update my fitness and emotional journey as and when I start my classes.

Wish me luck, send lots of love,

Hugs as always, Jessica Ruth x

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